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coconuttygrey asked:

Two questions for you for Trollin' Thursdays, Talia. First, tattoos! How exactly do trolls get tattoos what with them being furred and all? Does it show through the fur or is the fur dyed? (... I guess three questions now.) And my final question, if female trolls go into heat, do male trolls go into rut?


{Trollin’ Thursdays} Males in heat?

The questions about tattoos have already been answered here, so I’ll just address males and rutting.

I wasn’t even aware that rut was a thing! A very interesting concept to consider for trolls, and a viable one. Of course, I wouldn’t say that male, troll rutting would involve wallowing in mud and butting their tusks together, though the idea is funny.

Consider that because female trolls go into heat seasonally, the strong presence of hormones probably affects their male counterparts. Male trolls know that females are in heat not just because of the seasonal changes, but they sense it as well. Hormones are powerful; trolls would call this mojo, which they believe to be a spiritual force as much as it is a physical thing.

So when female mojo is rising, so does male mojo. An increase in aggression/dominant behavior is probably most common in both sexes. I would assume that most trolls try to find mates before the heat seasons, not during, so that they will be ready to get to baby makin’ when the gettin’ is good. Male trolls will become very protective of their female(s), prone to dominant displays of possessiveness. Females exhibit similar behavior, and not just toward their male mates, but the other females they might share him with as well.

The tribe also may becomes very insular, both on a tribal scale and at family unit levels. The opportunity for creating new life for the tribe is very important. Enemy tribes may chose heat season as the opportunity to attack other tribes in order to rob them of their means of reproducing and increasing their numbers by killing their males and females, or stealing the females away to take into their own tribe. Thus, male rutting may involve an instinct to “nest”, which might include stocking up on supplies and food so that venturing far from the village (or even the home) during heat season is unnecessary. Defense of the village is increased as the tribe becomes more reclusive.

In short, during heat season, the majority of the tribe is just really, really turned on and very possessive. This is less a biological thing that happens in males independently, and more so an instinctual reaction to females going into heat.

{Trollin’ Thursdays} Be you prepared? Troll Females & Heat



That’s my favorite as well! Man, I wonder if it’s an exaggeration because 80 times is a lot! But, let’s assume that it isn’t because that makes this more fun.

Trolls are definitely more animal than they are “humanoid”, but I can’t find myself saying either way completely. It could be either, or perhaps a mix of the two? Perhaps troll females only go into heat during certain times of the seasons, and during that time will have menstrual cycles.

If this were the case, this would greatly affect their tribal structures and practices. Troll villages would be at their most vulnerable during the off-mating periods, as this is when all of the new whelps would be most likely born. Children would be born in large groups, thus the tribe would need more resources to feed, clothe, and protect them. If an enemy tribe wanted to really deal a blow to a tribe, they would attack during this period, and slaughter the newly born whelps and/or pregnant females. Therefore, defenders of the tribe would be come rabidly protective, more so than usual, during this time.

This would also kind of explain why females are seen as “property”. We assume that this is a…bad thing, meaning that females are mistreated, submissive, and do not have the same rights as their male counterparts. Which may be true in some tribes, but it can also imply that females are just highly sought after and protected. It is likely that there are some tribes where, while females are property, they are treated very well, even pampered and overprotected to the point of coddling, as they are to bear the future of a tribes’ population. I like this possibility a lot more than the former.

So, I think that there is a “mating season” is likely, but females will be fertile for certain cycles during that season. I bet the Spring and Autumn is a real fun time to be a troll…


I think I roll my eyes so hard it hurts whenever I see people referring to Warcraft like it’s a certain time period on earth, as if the people in this world aren’t capable of creating modern inventions. “Back then, people didn’t have—”









If you think people would figure out fucking jetpacks, photography, and motorcycles before practical things like condoms, I don’t know what to tell you.

But with the condoms example tho… wouldn’t they have figured out a spell or charm or enchanted objects before thinking “wrap the dick in rubber”?

And which race wold have thought of birth control? Or at least made it mainstream? Because night elves have really low birth rates, blood elves were nearly wiped out (and i think low birth rates there too?), orcs and humans seem to die fast (lots of wars) and have short lives, trolls have really low population, the undead/Forsaken don’t breed, Tauren have lots of wars and fighting and die a lot, and revere life (which in most human cultures usually means revering pregnancy because ‘omg you made LIFE’, but then thats human so), Dwarves have their own wars but they seem pretty well of in the population department so maybe them?, gnomes and goblins kill THEMSELVES off so fast it’s only their quick breeding that saves them from extinction (especially in the case of goblins) and those are the two major ‘inventor’ races, worgen are basically a relatively tiny subset of humans (gilneas wasn’t that big), the Draenei are a small group of a small group of a near extinct race who have been in a war for millennia (though they might have developed birth control so they wouldn’t have to worry about unexpected pregnancy on top of everything else?), and then there’s pandaren who seem to value family, BIG families, a lot, and don’t seem to be the the inventing type.

The two major inventing races don’t seem to have any reason to want birth control of any type. But maybe some of the females got sick of getting pregnant and thought one up?

But it seems to me that the most likely way of WoW races figuring out birth control would be by magic, because female mages not wanting pregnancy to interfere with their studies would have had the materials and magic available to them to try and work a spell or something out.

Or the Draenei using the Light somehow?

I’m not dissing the basic statement at all, the people of Azeroth ARE technologically advanced in many ways. I mean, underwater trams and airships? i’m just curious in general about peoples headcanons for Azerothian birth control.

And imagine the money a mage could make by making and selling a potion or talisman that prevented pregnancy? 


US Judge Strikes Down Florida Gay Marriage Ban


This is huge for me.  My mother lives in Florida.  Her partner didn’t make it long enough to see this, sadly.  But it’s another stone taken out of the wall.






hyenas, terrifying and excellently organized predators of the savannah

also surprisingly docile and like neck scritches and have a tail chasing compulsion

if you don’t think hyenas are great then you’re objectively wrong

Aaaahhh, I love hyenas. :D

Hyenas: Always getting a bad rap because lions are jerks. Lions actually steal from hyenas most of the time because hyenas are the better predators — but they’re also very skittish when faced with a giant pride of cats. Adorable babies!

Okay, lemme tell you about spotted hyenas, aka the BAMFiest BAMFs in the animal kingdom.

  1. Their societies are entirely female-dominated. Female hyenas are larger and stronger than males and have higher social status in clan hierarchy - even the lowest-ranking female in a hyena clan is higher up the social ladder than the highest-ranking male. They’re basically the Amazons of the animal world. The females even have false penis-like appendages (which are essentially large clitorises), which led the ancient Greeks to think that hyenas were hermaphrodites. Because fuck your narrow human perceptions of sex and gender roles, that’s why.
  2. They are considered the dominant predators of the African savannah, despite not being the largest or strongest, because they are the most successful hunters. Their hunting success rate is estimated to be about 70-80%, meaning that they catch about 70-80% of prey they pursue - a freakishly high statistic (to compare, the success rate of lions and wolves is about 20-30%). They also scavenge much less than lions do, as whowasntthere said, and are incredibly adaptable and opportunistic predators, meaning that they are also the most common and widespread of the large African carnivores. That’s not too bad for an animal typecast as a lazy scavenger.
  3. Their jaws are some of the strongest in the animal kingdom, stronger than those of lions, tigers, wolves or perhaps bears, and can crush elephant and giraffe bones; hyenas are also able to digest all bone matter. Don’t tell me that’s not metal as fuck.
  4. Despite looking like dogs, they are not part of the dog family and are actually more closely related to cats. Because fuck your logic. Nature does what it wants.
  5. They are incredibly intelligent. They are easily as intelligent as primates and some scientists claim that their intelligence may even rival that of the great apes, which would make them among the most intelligent animals in the world. Hyenas even outperform chimpanzees on some tests, which is pretty damn awesome, considering that chimpanzees are our closest relatives and all.

So yeah, basically hyenas are awesome and badass as well as truly fascinating animals and if you don’t have at least a bit of respect for them you’re wrong.


(Source: a-humble-hyena)

the-entire-burning-legion asked:

It is a little known fact if you yank Sig's eyebrows and live through the ordeal fame and fortune will find you. However this has the same success rate as entering in the lottery - only with more death and peenching.



I used to play a game in WotLK where if my Judgement didn’t 1shot a lowbie alliance they were considered WORTHY and I couldn’t attack them again. Sometimes I’d stay and help them kill stuff or protect them from other horde when I could.

It’s like those lionesses that randomly adopt a gazelle fawn for a while lol

I DID THAT YESTERDAY. Not the eyebrow thing (I would never dare, all praise King Peench may he have a long and peenchful reign), the one-shot-a-lowbie-if-they-live-protect-them thing. I ran around PvP flagged (pve server lol) with rain of fire cast like… everywhere. And if anyone got themselves flagged and survived the fire, I helped them do stuff. Only one managed it. Little male human mage. He accidentally AoE’d me and was right in the middle of the RoF, but he had obviously done everything he could to max his survivability. Poor thing /begged and /cowered when he realized what had happened. Then it was like two hours of running around the Plaguelands helping him with quests and killing things and stuff. I even fought off a skill-lvling DK who tried to murder him. The DK whispered me later like “wtf he’s Ally why would you help him” and I just said “The young mage is under my protection. Any attempt to harm him will result in a firey death.” Mr. DK tried several more times and died several more times, then brought in three guildies, who all died. After that we were left alone till the little guy had to log off.

Ah, good times.


"14-year-old Parkview High School Freshman, Caleb Christian was concerned about the number of incidents of police abuse in the news.  Still, he knew there were many good police officers in various communities, but had no way of figuring out which communities were highly rated and which were not.  

So, together with his two older sisters: Parkview High School senior Ima Christian, and Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology sophomore, Asha Christian, they founded a mobile app development company– Pinetart Inc., under which they created a mobile app called Five-O.

Five-O, allows citizens to enter the details of every interaction with a police officer.  It also allows them to rate that officer in terms of courtesy and professionalism and provides the ability to enter a short description of what transpired.  These details are captured for every county in the United States. Citizen race and age information data is also captured.

Additionally, Five-O allows citizens to store the details of each encounter with law enforcement; this provides convenient access to critical information needed for legal action or commendation.”

Read more here. [x]

Black Excellence

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Wolves Flirting.

Gifs made from this video.

casually reblogs for no reason at all

And this is why werewolf courtship fics should be like at least 50% sillier. ;D

Yeah I’m gonna need at least 98246573645876234597 fics of Derek getting whammied with wolfsbane that renders him stoned and way more in tune with his wolf side than he’s accustomed to being.

In those fics, I’m gonna need Derek to spot Stiles and literally bounce over to him, shoulder checking the stupid hat rack Erica bought him for Christmas on his way and giving no fucks.

Stiles will give many fucks though. Stiles will freeze solid because who wouldn’t with six feet of muscled Derek Hale bouncing over to you like the foxes in those tumblr gifs Kira likes to circulate and call research?

Only as soon as Stiles freezes, so will Derek, all vibrating energy and massive, surreal grin and Stiles will feel like he ought to be checking for hidden cameras or something at this point because what the hell?

So he’ll go to keep walking, only then Derek’ll move too, keeping step with him, eyes all weird and intense as he stares over Stiles’ left shoulder and so sue him, Stiles will freeze again and-

"What?! What the fuck?!"

And Derek will bark a laugh and trip him onto the hallway rug.







Why is no one talking about the fact that all the deer models including old, reindeer, Pandaren and Gazelles will be tameable in WoD

I actually always wanted deers

HOLY SHIT!!!! F*** YEAH!!!


/rolls ten thousand hunters

geez fina-FUCKING-LY. I remember I made a draenei hunter long ago with the sole purpose of taming a durr

little did I know they weren’t tameable.


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